Heyligenstaedt not only supplies new machines but also offers retrofit solutions for own and external makes

Picture 1 and 2:
Existing Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS)
at Ford tool manufacturing in Cologne
Source: Ford Cologne

Picture 3:
Assembly of the two new
»HEYNUFORM precision dynamics«
at Ford tool manufacturing in Cologne
Source: Ford Cologne

Everything from one source. This was the optimal solution for the expansion and modernization of the existing Flexible-Manufacturing System (FMS) for the persons responsible of the Ford tool manufacture.
Fit for the future. To achieve this goal, Ford in Cologne decided to modernize the existing and to expand with the new. That this "new" would consist of two "HEYNUFORM precision dynamics" milling machine was quickly decided. The superior dynamic and accuracy of the high-speed milling machine make Heyligenstaedt is meanwhile on the market beyond dispute.
The secret of success of the "HEYNUFORM precision dynamics" is its technology, the realization of which was implemented by Heyligenstaedt partially against the trends of the market. So the side walls and X-beds are made of special concrete which is more insensitive against temperature fluctuations. The entire machine construction is consistently laid out thermo symmetrically and equipped with a machine body guided temperature management. Powerful and highly dynamic drives, removable milling units with a large range of torques and speeds, as well as a varied selection of peripherals complete the package of the "HEYNUFORM precision dynamics".
Besides the range of standard and 2D milling heads the new machines ordered by Ford, dispose of one each 180fold tool magazine with gantry robot and double gripper. Different spindle units are exchanged automatically from a pick-up magazine in the 2D milling head. Since both machines as well as further pallet storage stations are integrated in the existing FMS, the pallet clamping tables are utilized in the machine
Heyligenstaedt also received the order for the erection of the foundation for the new machines. This order included the organization and communication with the relevant planning and service companies for the disposal of the old foundations, as well as the design and construction of the new machine foundations.
The "HEYNUFORM precision dynamics" are controlled by a Heidenhain iTNC530-HSCI CNC-control. So it was obvious to convert the five existing Droop + Rein portal milling machine of the available FMS to this control as well. Also for these measures and for the complete mechanical and electrical retrofit of the pallet changing system consisting of trolley and rail system, Heyligenstaedt received the order from Ford. In addition, a new supervisory system with visualization of the overall system will be installed by Heyligenstaedt. The retrofit of the existing five machines includes five new axis drive motors, spindle motors, measuring systems, control cabinets, operating desks and a complete renovation of the energy supply, followed by a review and readjustment of the machine geometry, operator training and subsequent production support.
The example Ford in Cologne shows that Heyligenstaedt is a competent and reliable partner for new machines, retrofit or a combination of both.