HEYNUSYS Flexible machining systems for all manufacturing areas

Flexible manufacturing systems of Heyligenstaedt are an investment in a profit-oriented future and set new standards in modern production technology and efficiency. All types of machines, even of different type and size as well as other manufacturers, can become a flexible manufacturing system link.

Flexible machining systems (FMS) for the machining of medium and large workpieces
• Interlinkage of 10 or more machines
• Pallet trolley with unlimited rail length
• Workpiece clamping and buffer stations in any number
• Assembly and repair stations e. g.
• Cleaning stations, integrated washing
• Central swarf and extraction disposal of chips, dust and emulsion
• Integrated measuring machine
• Exchange station for attachment heads
• Central tool follow-up support for all machines with central tool preset
• Central control computer for the entire system and production control
• ... and much more !
Example: Realized FFS-2000-3 for the machining of crankcases

Examples of realized Flexible-manufacturing systems, FMS

  Tool and die manufacturing Crankcase manufacturing FMS with high-bay warehouse Crankcase manufacturing